There are These. These are Ours. (with Fatma Belkıs)

There are These. These are Ours is an installation, that is about what has been signified, valued, devalued, insignified, transformed into its own parody, reproduced, and claimed to be true to its own nature based on its relation with the past and history.  In this installation, the fountain became a metaphor for power, money and prestige. Therefore, the fountain emerges as both public and private object that is referred to, appropriated and coming from the past and continues to exist, despite the fact that it has lost its old mark value.

Installation includes a documentary about a fountain in Çengelköy (“The Cabbage Fountain”), animation of a stone who grew a beard and a replica of Şehzade Seyfettin Fountain which shows its condition before a renovation in 2012.