Şer-Paz: Production line



“We have been working on Şer-Paz since January 2012. During this process, the most important thing for us was for Şer-Paz, which we use for multiple purposes, to sustain its existence as a ‘company’; because we want to use this structure to reproduce the artist’s roles by employing the similarities between the establishment of a corporation and artistic production. Like all companies, the ultimate aim of Şer-Paz is to grow, become visible, and generate profit for its partners. During ‘Şer-Paz: Production Line’, we will be physically present at Bahane 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. During our one-week shift we invite those who drop by at Bahane to take part in launching a Şer-Paz product. You can come and join us whenever you want during these five days and experience roles such as worker, manager, advertiser, artist or viewer at our production line.

We will reserve the final two hours of our shift at Bahane for an ‘audit’ meeting about the production that has been carried out throughout these five days.”