National Archaeology Museum

“National Archaeology Museum” is about the contemporary appropriation of history and historical artefacts by states and/or institutions. The structure and existence of this museum is a surrogate in order to discuss the use of archaeology in a historiographical way. I begun the project through my interest with an archaeological artefact named the Hittite Sun Disk. This object was discovered on 1935 in an archaeological excavation in Alacahöyük, Turkey. Surely, the disk should have had a meaning for the Hittites when crafted nearly four 

millennia ago, but that meaning was not present when it was discovered. It was a suitable symbol for the Republic to signify its fabricated past, linking the nation to ancient Anatolian civilizations and distancing itself from the Ottoman heritage. The new republic was constituted secularly and a blank symbol as such, was pertinent for ideological uses. With my “National Archaeology Museum” project, I aim to create similar fabricated structures questioning the role of such discourses.