Bureau Sement (with Özgür Atlagan)

Bureau Sement utilizes the exhibition space by two different functions: the basement floor as a lab/office space, the ground floor as a display, where the findings from the basement floor are presented.  Upon entrance, the visitor is confronted by a cubic surface that is in pink, reminiscent of administrative and military buildings in Ankara. The structure behind this pink surface is a hybrid of fair booth, sample apartment and several architectural archetypes. Photographs of construction sites and buildings from Ankara can be seen on this hybrid structure. The basement level is another hybrid; of a laboratory, 

state bureau and sales office. The basement level is another hybrid; of a laboratory, state bureau and sales office. The visitor enters this floor through a gate, where a table, a column and two prismatic models can be seen. The table works as a surface that collects samples related to public space and human flow. The polygonal prisms on the white board are abstract models that introduce the 'technology' of staircase and ascending, accompanied by the voice of a sales agent, who is trying to persuade her customers to buy a flat in a residential project, which is heard from a speaker buried inside the concrete column.


from the 15th of February opening text, as performed on the occasion of the inauguration of Bureau Sement:

“My dear people, today we are here to celebrate the city that was built yesterday in the steppe, the new one that is being built continuously on top of it, the reestablishment of the city as a steppe and taking further the reconstruction of the steppe-city on top of the existing one. We started by erecting modern urbanist cities in theland of construction site that is sparkling with its radiant façades. Today we are righteously proud of reopening the door of bright façades and 

asking: How do the outcomes of the experiment affect the ground level?

Brothers and sisters, some things change; stairs climb the stairs and corridors cover the corridors. However, some things progress and when the time is ripe stairs climb the corridors. It is like we all are in a neighborhood-sized hangar.

So we say, God speed us all and be his mercy and grace pile up on ourselves.”